Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Its nearly festival season, bring on the fashion

OK, so I'm not a die hard festival go-er, I must admit this is only my third year on the circuit of festivals such as Leeds, Reading and Creamfields. However, I do appreciate the need to look fabulous, despite the prospects of camping in a muddy field amongst fellow campers.

ASOS at the moment are stocking a t-shirt range, Wkshp, which both Alex and I have fallen in love with. Easy, loose t-shirts with some funky prints, perfect for festival partying. Take a look for yourself, here's some of my favourites...

Image 1 of WkShp Aztec Chevron Super Cropped Tank Top
Image 4 of WkShp Cape Town T-Shirt
Image 1 of WkShp Arrowhead Slouchy Cropped T-Shirt

follow this link for more details and styles. 
P.S most of the tops are on sale, come on, who doesn't love a bargain! 

Demi x

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