Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Slutty Brownies!!

I have literally spent all my revision time of the last three days stalking Rose's blog, The Londoner. Demi and I were supposed to be revising but instead we were grazing her blog when we found her own recipe for SLUTTY BROWNIES. The temptation to go for a cheeky shop for ingredients overcame our willingness to revise and off to Londis we went. Anyways, I am currently stuffed as I write this after eating brownies all afternoon and I definitely recommend this recipe! 

Here it is

1 pack of brownie mix
2 eggs
Cookie mix

Mix your brownie and cookie mix according to instructions...

Line the dish with the cookie dough
Layer your Oreos on top
Pour the yummy brownie mixture on top
Smoooooooth it over :)
Cook for 20 mins! YUM YUM!

Alex x


  1. wow! thanks for recipe *-*
    it looks so good *_* <3


  2. omgggg mouthwatering much??? I have seriously got to try that out haha, love your blog! xo Genevieve