Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Its all up to the guy... Isn't it?

Being in your teens, and living the life at University can be fun but, along with the fun can come complications. Take for example, you're on a night out, you see a guy you have spoken to before. Your eyes meet and before you know it you're locking lips like there's no tomorrow! But...where does it all go from there?

Many of us girls are under the impression that it has and always will be up to the guy to make the next step but can we challenge these conventions? I say yes!

I can only go from my little personal experience of this and if I have liked someone I have pursued it. A lot of us are scared to make the next move, but if the guy is thinking that too then you could be losing out on a great opportunity. So what, add him on Facebook or drop him a text. Really, what is the worst that could happen?

Like any good entrepreneur would tell you, take the risk as the reward could be huge!

Just a little bit of advice, have the confidence ladies!

P.S Guys take note too,  you can still make the effort. 

Take this photo above as inspiration...

Demi x

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