Saturday, 24 November 2012


This weekend, I have headed South to visit a dear friend of mine in Reading. Whilst showing me the local sites, she mentioned to me about this clothing line a friend of hers has and is in the process of transforming the website into something amazing. The clothing line is called WAFFLESNCREAM and has jumpers, snap backs and t-shirts...

We went to visit the man behind the magic, Jomi Marcus-Bello, the creator of the clothing line and he showed us some of his latest creations... really simply but cool stuff. My friend just purchsed one of his snap back caps and a jumper. I used her as the model, naturally...

Here are some of the photos of her new purchases and the new stuff... Enjoy xo

My model, my friend, Gem


The logo...

Jumper, love the back of it!

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