Monday, 3 December 2012

Cheese and Wine!

Being the massive foodies that we are, Demi and I came up with the brilliant idea of having a Cheese and Wine Party for us and our friends. Everyone loves a bit of cheese, and of course, a glass of wine! We had enough cheese (and wine) to feed an army and still managed to consume it all. We also did a secret santa since it's now December and (almost) acceptable to get into the Christmas spirit.

See some photos of the yummy cheese below. My favourite was the PiĆ© d'Angloys, which is like an extra creamy camembert. 

Tips for hosting your own cheese and wine party
  • If you are all big eaters get a cheese per person
  • Add little touches like flag labels and explanations
  • Make sure you have enough bread for everyone to fill up on
  • Have a varied range which includes a few common cheeses and some interesting ones
  • Be sure to buy some chutneys and grapes!

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