Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Perfect Eyebrow

Anyone who knows me will know that bad eyebrows are my biggest pet peeve. I will admit that even I have gone trigger happy with the tweezers before and ruined my eyebrows but some of you won't be as lucky as me and certain areas of your eyebrows might never grow back!

I won't be mentioning any products on this post but giving advice instead on how I think to best deal with your brows! Also I have some examples of good and bad eyebrows.

Scientists say that the key to facial beauty is symmetry and I ultimately agree with them, eyebrows are such an important element of your face and tend to be overlooked. As well as symmetry I think eyebrows should be NATURAL LOOKING. There is nothing natural about black, fine, drawn on eyebrows so if you're having dilemmas then keep reading.

There is a general guide to shaping your eyebrows and while everyone's face shape is slightly different this is the guide I tend to follow:

This technique is done using straight lines and the side of your nose as a starting point. The first line (furthest to the right) runs straight up from your nostril and should be where our eyebrows begin, not before and definitely not after. Starting your eyebrows after this line will make your face look fuller. 

The second line, as you look straight ahead in the mirror, passes by the side of your pupil and should be the highest point of your eyebrow. 

And finally, the third line touches the outer edge of your eye and is where your brow should finish.

Good and Bad examples:

GOOD - Cara Delevingne is an eyebrow crush of mine.
While they are dark, they frame her face perfectly and give her a distinct look
GOOD - Kim's brows look picture perfect
BAD - Angelina's brows have seen better days! Too harsh!
BAD - Demi's unnatural looking brows
BAD - Lauren Conrad's brows look like a result of trigger happy tweezing!

Luckily, I don't think everyone has to spend time perfecting their brows. If you have light hair then you may not need to touch them at all! Also, recently many models have used their unruly brows to give them a distinct and uber-natural look.

Arizona Muse
Daphne Groeneveld
Personally I tweeze my brows with tweezerman tweezers. I have never liked the thought of trusting someone else to shape them! I suppose its personal preference but I would just say that my top tip is to make sure they look NATURAL!

Alex xx


  1. Good advice, thanks! Mine are blonde, so usually I don't pay much attention to them, but maybe I should...


    1. Thanks! You can always run a little blonde coloured eyeshadow through and see if it adds a little extra definition!