Monday, 12 November 2012

The Present Problem?

As for myself, it is coming to the time when a lot of my friends are leaving their teens,the first year of the 20's and hitting that milestone of TWENTY ONE! This poses me with a great problem, the present problem to be exact. 

What to buy for a 21st? Do you splash the cash and blow it on the expressive gift? OR Do we stick to a sentimental sort of budget? 

Here's some of my suggestions for some 21st Birthday Present Ideas (both blow it and budget)

For the Blow it sort of present, I think nothing says Happy 21st better than a bottle of Champers... 

John Lewis do some lovely gifts, for girl friends, add that special touch of a Rose Champagne, here is one I found when searching today...

Bollinger Rose Ice Tube Champagne Gift- £60

For the Classic Blow-out and a keeper present (suggest splitting the cost of this with other friends as we are not made of money) but this gorgeous black patent Vivienne Westwood Purse is a lovely gift and good enough quality to stand the test of time. 

Vivienne Westwood Classic Patent Purse in Black- £125

Some ideas for the sentimental sort of budget, what about a memory book. If your like me and have known a lot of your friends since the start of school, I'm sure you have a lot of funny pictures dating back to the time of Bebo that you can fill a memory book with. Its a great gift and really shows that you have put thought into the present. On the plus it also doesn't break the bank, get your prit-stick and scissors at the ready... 

Here's a 21st Memory Book that you could fill with fun pics! stockist: - £23

Another gift which I have received myself in the past, and is really cute is this range of Lolita wine glasses that again John Lewis stocks, here is 'Birthday Girl' one. Also what I like about this range of glasses is that under the bottom of the glass there is a recipe for a 'Birthday Girl' cocktail which is quite fun!

Lolita 'Birthday Girl' Wine Class- £18

So here's just a few suggestions of 21st Birthday ideas, I have many birthdays coming up so shall be using some of these ideas. Hope this helps any of you with the same problem. It just goes to show you don't have to spend a fortune on a fabulous gift! 

Enjoy xo Demi 

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