Monday, 30 July 2012

Ooh not Ouch! Sunburnt Nails!

One of my favourite, but slightly sad, things to do is to sit down with a good film and a lot of nail varnish and spend ages messing around with my nails. Not only is it fun, but stops me from eating in front of the telly! So, quite proud, I thought I would show you the outcome of this weekends Nail/Film marathon. I did take these photos a couple days after, hence the massive smudge on my index finger.

I used a yellow, pink and red nail varnish. After applying two coats of yellow I used a small sponge to sponge on the pink and then later, the red. I also sprinkled a tiny bit of gold glitter on top.

Makes me even more excited about my upcoming holiday!!
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Alex x

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