Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Munich Men, Oh my...

OK, I would like to firstly reassure you that my sole purpose of my trip to Munich was not to scout the local fitties, however, it was an added bonus. When in a nightclub on one of the nights, I couldn't help but see the large quantity of beautiful local talent there was surrounding me. Unfortunately ladies, these men may be aesthetically pleasing but they seem to know it too. Apologies that the blog has been a bit stale recently, both Alex and I have been busy with work commitments.

Saying that, there will be a few new additions this week as I have lots to catch up on with you all...

This weekend I went to Munich to visit a friend I met on a tour around California last year. It was fantastic to see her again and its amazing how you can be apart from someone for that long and things feel like they never changed. The weather was glorious reaching highs of 34 degrees!!! (Sorry for those that were stuck in the rain back home)

Being a newcomer to the German way of life, my friend decided to take it upon herself to make me the biggest tourist alive and I'm talking the biggest. Think Open Top city bus tours- check, sitting in a beer garden outside and drinking beer cause you can- check AND sampling the finest meats and pretzels known to man- check CHECK!!! (diet went to pot slightly, but you're on holiday- don't judge!)

Enough of my rambling, a few snaps to follow of my fabulous weekend, hopefully this gets some of you in the mood if your soon to be fleeing England in search of some sunshine or for those that are here praying that the sun one day this summer will have its hat on... xo

Lovely view overlooking the English Garden in Munich

Admiring the beautiful architecture that is spread across the whole city

 Apple strudel!!!

Demi x

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