Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Time flies when your drinking trebles...

After the weekend, I feel like it is only appropriate that I write about my first year of uni! On Sunday I left the 'toon' for the summer and headed back to suburbia, Nottingham style. As cheesy as it sounds, it only seems like yesterday when my parents dropped me off to an empty room to start a year of crazy madness.

Freshers week, full moon party.

Freshers week was so bizarre, you spend all your time partying with people you just met and it is an exhausting week of partying and finding your feet in a new city. I especially learned quickly that trebles were definitely not an urban myth in the town of Newcastle, they did exist, and they are lethal! 

Although my whole year was not one big party I did enjoy myself, attending music concerts, comedy nights, trips to the cinema and Tynemouth to name a few... 
Trip to Tynemouth 

A few of the girls on a Friday night

Morning stroll round Leazes lake 

I can't believe I am now at home for a mammoth summer which will be amazing. I am so glad that I have so many great memories to look back on for my first year of uni, this may relate to many of you and if it does then I hope you all had a fantastic experience like me. x 

Demi x

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