Monday, 25 June 2012

Sunday is for Baking

Whilst nursing a hangover yesterday, I found the sudden urge to bake some yummy cupcakes. Now I know what your all thinking, 'Demi, you said you were on a diet!' and yes I am. I didn't touch one of them but sold them at the shop I work at instead. As seen in the photo above are cupcakes, both standard sponge but the toppings are 'Chocolate Overload' with chocolate butter cream, milk/white chocolate buttons and a malteser to decorate. The other is the sophisticated combination of butter cream, decorated with a rasberry and white chocolate shavings.

For those of you that enjoy a bit of home baking, you can find easy recipes online. The one I normally follow is the standard Vanilla Cupcake recipe on the BBC page.

In terms of decorating your cupcakes, go wild and decorate the hell of them. However, if you like the less is more approach a simple butter cream topping will do the trick For those of you that follow the blog, go on if you have some free time on your hands bake some yummy cupcakes and if you fancy it send me some photos! Demi xo. 

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