Monday, 18 June 2012

Summer slimming

As we all know, it comes round to that time of the year where we regret not putting in extra work at the gym in the winter. The sun comes out, shorts get shorter and the bikinis come out, especially on holiday...

First year of uni is the worst time to lose weight or stay fit, (well, it has been a struggle for me!) You go out, you drink and you suddenly get the munchies for everything going in the takeaway which does nothing for the figure. So... with that said, I have taken it upon myself to invest in a personal trainer this summer. I know not everyone can afford to fork out for a trainer and trust me I can only afford it thanks to my summer job. But anyway some key tips he's already taught me about being healthier is

1.BREAD AND PASTA are a complete NO NO!

2. Try to stay away from dairy products, especially in your cuppa. Change it up for a green tea, so much better for you!

3. Jog, jog, jog! It is an all around body workout. Keeps you in shape- try do a good jog once a week!

Watch this space, I will keep you all updated with how my summer slimming is getting on and if your trying to get fit too, then go for it! Get motivated and hit the gym, or just walk more, take the stairs or whatever you can. Trust me, I hope it pays off in the long run and I'm sure it will...

Demi x

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