Thursday, 14 June 2012

Guide to being a Fresher...

Following on from Demi's post on finishing uni I thought I'd do a little post on my tips and tricks for having a fab first year at university.

Freshers Week
1) Don't drink too much - Kind of an obvious one. Have fun but no one wants to be found passed out in the hall's lift and found by some random that will laugh about it with all their friends.
2) Don't try too hard - Trying too hard to impress might come across as a bit fake and put people off. So, just be yourself, add a dose of confidence, and you'll be fine!
3) Fresher's Flu is imminent - Having never had a proper hangover before uni I thought this whole 'Fresher's Flu' business was nonsense. Well after 6 nights out in a row you're immune system is at an all time low. I don't think mine ever recovered and spent most of first year with some medical problem or two!

1) Work or Play? - I think its best to balance the two. Keep on top of assignments but skip a few lectures, lay in bed for a day after a solid night out, just don't get too far behind. Cramming for exams after easter is not much fun.
2) Course - Make sure you have a proper look at your actual course content. You can change course once you're there but theres nothing worse than not enjoying what your studying.

Budgeting - Something I majorly struggled with!
1) Nights out - A majority of your budget will end up here but always make sure you've got guest list, share taxis, and find other people to buy you drinks hahaha. I joke.
2) Food - the reduced section is your best friend. Also, look out for the local market to get healthy stuff way cheaper than in supermarkets. I was catered first year which I think made a huge difference. I didn't have the pain of always going to the supermarket to buy food and also dinner was always really social.

I hope this has been helpful and ask any questions if you want!!

Alex x

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