Monday, 30 July 2012

Ooh not Ouch! Sunburnt Nails!

One of my favourite, but slightly sad, things to do is to sit down with a good film and a lot of nail varnish and spend ages messing around with my nails. Not only is it fun, but stops me from eating in front of the telly! So, quite proud, I thought I would show you the outcome of this weekends Nail/Film marathon. I did take these photos a couple days after, hence the massive smudge on my index finger.

I used a yellow, pink and red nail varnish. After applying two coats of yellow I used a small sponge to sponge on the pink and then later, the red. I also sprinkled a tiny bit of gold glitter on top.

Makes me even more excited about my upcoming holiday!!
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Alex x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Rih Rih for River Island

Yesterday whilst driving home from work, I heard some very exciting news. The one and only sexual sensation known as Rihanna is creating her own line for River Island.

What can we expect to see? Well im thinking, tribal prints, bold, bright and beauitful. Throw in some teeny weeny shorts that show just enough skin to get anyone excited and throw in a few studded tops
and I think were there...

Why is it that all these singers have a slash something in terms of occupation or skill. Take Rihanna she isn't just a singer, shes a singer/actress now/fashion designer. Triple threat... what!!

Anyways be excited if its anything like this outfit below we should all hit the gym in preparation to fit into her tiny tribal creations...

Demi xo.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nothing more patriotic than a day at Wimbles, rain and all. Cue the Pimms...

Henman Hill/Murray Mound Umbrellas AHOY!!

Seeing as Wimbledon has come to an end and I am British, it seems only appropriate that I blog about it. Last Tuesday a friend and I travelled down to London for the tennis. Although the weather was horrendous to say the least we still had a fantastic day packed full with champers, strawbs, tennis and not forgetting pimms!!!

Just a few snaps of the yummy drinks we had during our packed day of tennis. Even though the weather wasn't fantastic we saw the likes of Tsonga, Fish, Lisicki and a tad of Murray. Shame he didn't win in the final though. 

Oh well, there's always next year... Enjoy x 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

From Rain to Sunshine!

I was looking out the window at this dire weather and decided I would go play around with some make up to cheer myself up. So, what better, than to do a summery makeup look. This is very bronzy and involves making sure that you bronze your neck to avoid the dreaded foundation line!
I've done before and after pictures and listed what I used.

Perfect for any summer look because its light, almost a tinted moisturiser

Use a matt bronzer to give your face a faux tan (REMEMBER YOUR NECK!)

Use a highlighter on the very tops of the cheek bones

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle

Use a contour colour (Mac Harmony) under the
cheekbones and a shimmery blush (Nars Orgasm) just above the cheekbones

Other products and brushes I used

So I used a bronzer to darken my face a bit after applying my foundation. I then used a dark contour powder under my cheekbones to define them and slightly at the very top of my forehead. After that I used a bit of highlighter at the very very top of my cheekbones to the side of my eyes and a bit of pink blush just underneath. For my eyes, I used a paint pot in Rubenesque by Mac, so a gold colour. I then pushed a little gel eyeliner (Mac Blacktracks) in just above my lashes to define my eyes. After putting on some mascara I used a white eyeliner on my lower waterline to make my eyes look bright and a tiny shimmer pencil (choreographic by Mac (limited edition)) on the very inner corner of my eye. To finish, I slightly defined my eyebrows and put on a pink lipgloss!

Alex x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Munich Men, Oh my...

OK, I would like to firstly reassure you that my sole purpose of my trip to Munich was not to scout the local fitties, however, it was an added bonus. When in a nightclub on one of the nights, I couldn't help but see the large quantity of beautiful local talent there was surrounding me. Unfortunately ladies, these men may be aesthetically pleasing but they seem to know it too. Apologies that the blog has been a bit stale recently, both Alex and I have been busy with work commitments.

Saying that, there will be a few new additions this week as I have lots to catch up on with you all...

This weekend I went to Munich to visit a friend I met on a tour around California last year. It was fantastic to see her again and its amazing how you can be apart from someone for that long and things feel like they never changed. The weather was glorious reaching highs of 34 degrees!!! (Sorry for those that were stuck in the rain back home)

Being a newcomer to the German way of life, my friend decided to take it upon herself to make me the biggest tourist alive and I'm talking the biggest. Think Open Top city bus tours- check, sitting in a beer garden outside and drinking beer cause you can- check AND sampling the finest meats and pretzels known to man- check CHECK!!! (diet went to pot slightly, but you're on holiday- don't judge!)

Enough of my rambling, a few snaps to follow of my fabulous weekend, hopefully this gets some of you in the mood if your soon to be fleeing England in search of some sunshine or for those that are here praying that the sun one day this summer will have its hat on... xo

Lovely view overlooking the English Garden in Munich

Admiring the beautiful architecture that is spread across the whole city

 Apple strudel!!!

Demi x