Wednesday, 31 October 2012

JolieBox - September and October

For the last two months I have received a JolieBox. Now for anyone who doesn't know what this is, it is a members-only beauty club where each month you receive a luxury beauty box consisting of 4 to 5 exclusive, handpicked beauty samples. Normally you get one full size product as well. This is a great way, if like me, you love to try new beauty products. However, ultimately it is quite hit and miss because you never know what you are getting. It also costs £10 a month + P&P.

From the two boxes I have had so far there have definitely been some things I liked and some I really didn't! For example, the 'full size' product in the first box was a pack of two hair ties! While I really liked them as they were a bit different, I don't think these should classify as 'full-sized' products. However, I received a sample of Redken straightening lotion as well and it was a very large sample that I reckon will last me a good couple of months. Also, they sometimes do lifestyle products like last month when I got some LOVE tea samples which were little muslin cloth tea bags and so cute.

The box is a different colour each month

Some of the products from the September and October boxes

The actual box is really pretty and useful for stuff afterwards like jewellery and bits & bobs. The stuff comes in side a cute little drawstring bag as well.

Along with the box you also get a JolieMag which has beauty news in it which I always find quite interesting.

I am going to try one more box then I think my student budget will have had enough but if your interested I'd suggest trying it for a month and see what you think. PLUS, you usually get an extra full-sized product in your first box just for joining.

There are other companies that offer the same thing like GlossyBox but it is worth seeing what product companies each is affiliated with to see the kinda samples you will get each month. JolieBox seems to be more skincare than makeup but they were affiliated with OPI and had been known to give full size samples which I think sounded good. I may try a glossybox in a couple months to compare the two and do another post.

I may do an actual box review next month so keep an eye out!

Alex xx

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Horror! Its halloween, a girls outfit dilemma

When thinking of what/what not to wear on Halloween one's mind reverts back to that very scene in Mean Girls, when Lindsay Lohan's character Katy Harron takes the dress code one step too far on that Halloween night. I feel like I did that last year going all out and spending my student budget on a 'Scary Alice' outfit.

However, learning from mistakes made in the past I have gone for the minimalist choice this year and invested in a £4 pair of sparkly cat ears from Accessorize, they also had some sparkly devil numbers.

Maybe I'll look like Gretchin Weeners, minus the PVC catsuit this year!

Halloween is one of those things that I think you tend to enjoy a lot more when your younger, because you go trick or treatin' with your friends around your village and go to town on the dress up, but, you can still get in to it now especially being at Uni. Our Uni especially, loves a bit of fancy dress so Halloween is no excuse. This year I have decided to save my money for other thing and reuse some black pieces in my wardrobe to wear and using the bargain pair of cat ears to distinguish my choice of fancy dress.

So, whatever you go as for Halloween, get into the spirt of Fancy Dress its fun and make sure you get those all important photos. I expect to see Apple Bobbing, Buckets full of witch-like mixes and all the cobwebs on top.

Demi... xo

Thursday, 4 October 2012

When In London, dine as the Londoner does...

To pay homage to a fellow blogger, even though her blog is miles more sophisticated than Alex and myself's blog, the Londoner writes some fabulous posts.

I found myself down in London for a couple of days last week, so looked to the Londoner's blog for advice and inspiration on where to eat.

I saw that she had recommended a place near Liverpool Street called The Drift. They do yummy Sunday dinner for a fairly reasonable price...

The decor is really quirky and earthly, the cocktails are to die for and the roast was up to scratch too!

For dessert I opted for the trio of puddings which consisted of a white chocolate creme brulee with rasberries, a knickerbokerglory and brownies and cream. Also as a sunday treat I had a Virgin Mojito which was Raspberry... delicious!

trio of deserts, YUM
Rasberry Mojito

To follow on from this success, I decided her advice was in fact spot on so the next morning, once my stomach had settled down, we headed for breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Soho. You can buy anything from pancakes and streaky bacon to a full monty breakfast there. It really is the ultimate breakfast place and the smoothie was refreshing too.
Here is a photo of the bar area, it had such a cool vibe with pretty lights and wooden tables...
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The Breakfast Bar

I am definitely not taking credit for these finds but simply paying thanks to a fellow blogger... if any of you find yourself in London and fancy going somewhere to eat. I definitely recommend both these.

Enjoy xo.