Thursday, 31 January 2013

FOTN - Face of the Night #1

Demi and I thought that, since we go out so much, we should start blogging when we particularly like our outfits or makeup! SO... I am going to kick off with my make up from my latest night out. I thought to add a bit of colour with a pop of blue eyeliner and keep my lips toned down with a coral colour. Excuse the posey photos!... (List of products below)

No7 Fanomenal Eye Palette
Toasted eyeshadow - Urban Decay
MUFE Aqua Liner (No.5)
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

EsteƩ Lauder Invisible Fluid Foundation
Mac Limited Edition Blush in Dirty Plum
Mac Lipstick in Vegas Volt

Alex xx

Sunday, 27 January 2013

How to bag yourself a Bargain!

Hey all,

Sorry I haven't written in a while, been having a love affair with the library, but as of yesterday I finished my exams so it gives me a few days to catch up on the things I love doing and have neglected slightly as of late.

As its January one thing that excites me after Christmas are the sales. If you get in quick you can bag yourself a bargain and those things you wanted before Christmas have been reduced so low that you feel your getting something you love without burning a hole in your pocket! So even though working my way through the racks of clothes can sometimes irritate me, I have found myself some gems which I thought I would share with you.

First, the cami-coat. Ok, so this one wasn't the original one I wanted but a very similar one. Urban Outfitters, naturally. This beauty was originally priced at a hefty £98 and even with UO's lovely student discount I couldn't have quite justified it at full price. It was £40 in the sale so I thought, brilliant £36 with discount. However, much to my surprise it rung through the till at £20 meaning I got it for a whopping £18!!!!! Its not the warmest of jackets, but definitely on trend.

 From the back, nice fur hood!

Secondly, for those that know me best, they know I have a serious shoe obsession. Therefore, I have been searching high and low for a new perfect pair of heels. Much as I hate to admit it I have been loving the courts, like those donned by Kim K with ankle straps. I got mine from Topshop, original price £99 and in the sale £27 with student discount!

My new shoes, chunky shapes, open toe and electric blue heel

And finally, I have a weakness for a chiffon shirt or two. Teamed with some nice skinny jeans or tucked into a skater skirt, they are effortlessly beautiful. I got this cream one from Warehouse for £12. I especially love the lace detail on the back its really pretty.

Lace detail- tucked in
Lace detail on the back, tucked out

So there's just a few of my bagged bargains, I wonder whether any of you got some beautys in the January Sales?

Demi xo
Photos by Freya Mortimer

Friday, 18 January 2013

BBC Sound of 2013 List

One of my favourite things about the beginning of the year is when BBC announce their nominees for the Sound of 2013. It is a great way for me to find new artists that I might like. So I thought I'd give you a quick run down of the top 5 and the ones that I like the most.

The Winners - HAIM
HAIM are an all girl trio who are influenced by Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush.

Second Place - AlunaGeorge
This duo are the winners for me personally. I absolutely love their catchy electronic songs and cannot wait for their debut album coming out this June. If you want to read some more about them then be sure to check out our previous post: Crazy Faze - AlunaGeorge

Third - Angel Haze
I have only recently started listening to Angel Haze after I first heard of her from TheRedPages Hot 100 of 2013. I think its hard to come by female rappers who can really pull it off and that she certainly does. She released a diss at Azealia Banks titled "On The Edge".

Fourth - Laura Mvula
Laura Mvula brings something a bit different to the Pop/Soul scene. I especially like her track 'Green Garden'.

Electro-Pop group with MGMT sounding synths. Its a bit chirpy for me and I think they sound like Robyn (which I don't think is a good thing) but decide for yourself here:

Alex x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ten Things We Love

We were chatting about our favourite blogs and realised that one of the things we love to read is  something about the person who is writing! So we thought we would give you an insight into 10 things we both love right now. Some of you may judge our lists as we think everyone loves things which others might find a little sad. But we can't help it! Just being honest :) SO... Here goes:

1) Urban Outfitters - Pretty sure Demi is going to write this too but it's the best thing about living in Newcastle. My nearest UO at home is about 2 hours from my house :( I especially love all their little bedroom homeware things like rugs. They do really nice rugs.
2) Photos - I love looking at pictures and I think people get annoyed about the amount I take on my phone on a night out! I recently got all my instagram prints done as little polaroids. So Cute!

Get your own here:

3) The Internet - My housemates will agree with me on this one. They know I can't go long without it.  We once got cut off because we hadn't paid the bill... It was the first time I ever went to the Library...Oops!
4) Makeup Brushes - People are shocked about how much I'm willing to spend on a brush but I just love them. The different shapes and cool handles plus how good they can make your makeup look!
5) Cows - One of my housemates won't eat beef because she loves cows so much but thats the opposite reason to why I love them. They make steak - my favourite food ever. They make leather = handbags and nice boots. Their milk makes cheese. They are the second best species on the planet after humans.
6) Bedroom Accessories - Following on from loving UO's homeware stuff...I love home decor... candles, fairy lights, pillows, bedspreads, mirrors, organisers, canvases etc and I spend ages on sites like Etsy and Achica looking at all the pretty things.
7) Nails - Doing fun nails is always a good way to pass the time! Check out my nail tumblr at
8) Reality TV - I don't care how shit it is, if it's partial reality and its on TV then I'm usually game.
9) Gold Jewellery - I have a little obsession with looking at gold jewellery. I don't know why. But I do. Especially brushed gold that isn't so shiny like this ring.
10) Daily Mail Online - I hate to write this one down but its true. I check it at least twice a day and it just has so many good photos!

1) Sex and the City- Although not actually a tangible object, Sex and the City is my go to tv series in times of need. It has made me laugh, cry and question everything in between. Many of my close friends will also know that I idolise Samantha and one day wish I could be like her (minus her promiscious ways, of course)!
2) Shoes, shoes and more Loubs- Since I can remember I have always had an extensive shoe collection, shoes for every occassion. When I go to London I often spend the best part of two hours wandering the Shoe Hall in Selfridges only wishing I could afford some of the creations they sell. (One day, maybe?)
3) Baths- There is nothing more relaxing to me than a few candles, lots of buddles and a steamy bath of hot water. Having no bath at my house at uni drives me insane and I really take advantage of our bath at home during the holidays, it gives me time to soak in my thoughts for as long I want.
4) Friends- I really love my friends, sounds a little silly I know but over the years I have made some life long friends, some live 5 minutes down the road, some are currently living in different time zones, but my friends are those I have shared some of the best memories with throughout my 20 years of life so far.
5) Sushi- Only over the past few years have I really jumped on this bandwagon, I don't just like it - I devour the stuff. #ilovesalmon
6) Flying- I love flying, especially as it usually involves landing in a new destination to rewind for a week or more. The greatest invention, where you can get to new places in a matter of hours and explore exotic surroundings.
7) Cupcakes- Since last summer I have really started to enjoy baking. Although I haven't really pushed myself outside my comfort zone in the baking sense I like making cute cupcakes for my friends
8) Bombay Sapphire, Naturally- I love a G&T (slice of lime, mandatory). Bombay is my favourite. It is such a refreshing drink and enjoy the occassional few on a night out.
9) Spanish- The language, the people, the culture, the tapas, the dancing. You name it, I love everything about the Spanish. Since starting to learn the language at school I have been obsessed. Many a holiday, or a language trip enjoyed in Spanish territory and the paella ain't bad either.
10) Mulberry- I am the fortunate owner of a few lovely Mulberry numbers and I plan to, over many years, expand my collection. Timeless classic fashion right on your arm and they get better with age. Here is one I have my eye on next.

Also just to tell you, we have decided to make posts more regular! So we are going to attempt to post twice a week normally on a Tuesday and a Friday! So keep coming back to check, or follow us on bloglovin (top right of page)!

Demi and Alex xx

Friday, 11 January 2013

The Hoxton Grill

I know our posts have been very food based recently so I'm sorry to do another one but I am sitting on the train back to Newcastle and couldn't stop reminiscing about last nights dinner. I was in London for an interview and my dad was there for a meeting so Mummy Bonnett tagged along to make a whole day of it. We ended up at The Hoxton Grill restaurant which is part of The Hoxton Hotel about 20 mins on foot from Liverpool Street.

The interior was full of dimmed low hanging ceiling lights and american style red leather sofa booths. After being seated I was excited to see the menu. They do very american grill type food as you would expect; burgers, ribs, salads etc. We decided to get a house board to start, which had three mini starters on it. I chose Nachos, Chicken Wings, and Fried Calamari (mmm...healthy). It was sooooo yummy. The calamari was the best I ever had accompanied with a garlic mayo. My dad (Mr. I just lost 7 stone) sneaked most of the chicken wings since he didnt want to eat anything else but I got one and they were pretty incredible too.

For main, I had a rack of beef ribs and stupidly ordered sweet potato wedges, which were yummy but I couldn't eat. SO FULL! The ribs were delicious, perfectly stringy and falling off the bone. My mum had a burger, perfectly pink in the middle, and my dad had jerk chicken salad, which he said was lovely.

I'd definitely recommend The Hoxton Grill if you are ever in that part of London for a quick dinner that isn't too expensive for London prices.

Here's a link to their website:

Alex x