Friday, 11 January 2013

The Hoxton Grill

I know our posts have been very food based recently so I'm sorry to do another one but I am sitting on the train back to Newcastle and couldn't stop reminiscing about last nights dinner. I was in London for an interview and my dad was there for a meeting so Mummy Bonnett tagged along to make a whole day of it. We ended up at The Hoxton Grill restaurant which is part of The Hoxton Hotel about 20 mins on foot from Liverpool Street.

The interior was full of dimmed low hanging ceiling lights and american style red leather sofa booths. After being seated I was excited to see the menu. They do very american grill type food as you would expect; burgers, ribs, salads etc. We decided to get a house board to start, which had three mini starters on it. I chose Nachos, Chicken Wings, and Fried Calamari (mmm...healthy). It was sooooo yummy. The calamari was the best I ever had accompanied with a garlic mayo. My dad (Mr. I just lost 7 stone) sneaked most of the chicken wings since he didnt want to eat anything else but I got one and they were pretty incredible too.

For main, I had a rack of beef ribs and stupidly ordered sweet potato wedges, which were yummy but I couldn't eat. SO FULL! The ribs were delicious, perfectly stringy and falling off the bone. My mum had a burger, perfectly pink in the middle, and my dad had jerk chicken salad, which he said was lovely.

I'd definitely recommend The Hoxton Grill if you are ever in that part of London for a quick dinner that isn't too expensive for London prices.

Here's a link to their website:

Alex x

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