Monday, 17 September 2012

There was a storm, the sun shone and there was one messy festival! Croatia... it was a pleasure

Hello everyone,

I feel like I have really neglected the blog over the past couple of months and I do apologise but life has been going at a rate of a million miles an hour and it has been a whirlwind. 

Saying that, I have just returned from what I can safely say was some of the best weeks of my life to date. This summer I feel like I have done a mini European tour. (OK, so I've been to Germany and Croatia but still another two countries off my hit list!)

Over the last two weeks I have lost myself in the Adriatic and forgot about the hustle and bustle of my working life, hit the gin and grabbed the Piz Buin. It was utter bliss and I am not writing this to make all those that haven't had chance to get away this summer go green with envy, I simple want to share my fab holiday with you. 

Whilst in Hvar (the must-be party island of Croatia, so I'm told) I celebrated my 20th Birthday amongst good friends. Hvar was incredible and for those seeking some sunshine by day and a secret party island by night there is no better place to be. 

After a few days in Hvar we headed back to the mainland and from Split we took a bus to the North for Dimensions Festival. The festival was incredible, the setting was so woodland creatures meet fairy lights meet abandoned forts. Although, I thought the music was not my sort of scene, the setting and the sunshine plus the music created such a chilled vibe. Ideal! 

To me, you can't beat a good time in the sunshine with great friends and that is exactly what I did. Here are a few snaps to summarise my jollies... Enjoy xo

Dimensions Festival

Flux Boat Party

Beautiful Hideaway beach in Hvar on my Birthday

View from Ferry of Split- divine!

Hvar by Day

Little birthday Dip- my face says it all! 

Daytime beach snap

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