Saturday, 2 March 2013

Street Spice Newcastle

After a toughly won netball match on Saturday morning my friend, Charlotte and I decided some good food was in order. I had heard about a three day street food festival being held in Newcastle at the Life Centre called Street Spice. Being the foodie that I am, it was a must do on my list to attend. I just wish there was more stuff like this in Newcastle!

They also had cooking demonstrations

Charlotte and I spent about 40 minutes doing several laps trying decided what to eat but we both settled on a bread bowl with pulled pork, bbq sauce, cheese, cajun fries, and coleslaw. YUM! We both resisted the amazing cupcakes and bought half a pint each...lad lad lads.

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of these gastronomy events in the future and might convince Demi to take a trip next year with me to the food show!

For some funny reason the sun had been out in Newcastle all day so we finished off out chilled saturday with a few drinks in Jesmond. Fab day all round!

Alex xx


  1. Food markets are the best ! You get to eat and exercise (walking) at the same time !

  2. exactly, good exercise for the taste buds too! :D Thanks for reading!