Thursday, 21 March 2013

Relaxing In The Scottish Countryside

Demi and I are now on our Easter holiday and I have spent the first few days staying with two of my best buds in one of their lovely houses in the Scottish Countryside.
After going all out for the last week of uni with two birthdays, including my own, it was nice to finally have some fresh country air!
We went to the seaside, had some nice walks, and drunk lots of gin and tonic! - a perfect few days!
We even went riding, but I, not being a very seasoned rider, came flying off the horse! At least it gave me a good excuse for some extra drinks each night!
Also, the friend we were staying with had the cutest dog called Bramble. She was a poodle and I think probably the first 'big(ish)' dog I've ever really liked.
Feeding The Hens
Claire - Posing
Pre-falling off horse


Alex x
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