Thursday, 25 October 2012

Horror! Its halloween, a girls outfit dilemma

When thinking of what/what not to wear on Halloween one's mind reverts back to that very scene in Mean Girls, when Lindsay Lohan's character Katy Harron takes the dress code one step too far on that Halloween night. I feel like I did that last year going all out and spending my student budget on a 'Scary Alice' outfit.

However, learning from mistakes made in the past I have gone for the minimalist choice this year and invested in a £4 pair of sparkly cat ears from Accessorize, they also had some sparkly devil numbers.

Maybe I'll look like Gretchin Weeners, minus the PVC catsuit this year!

Halloween is one of those things that I think you tend to enjoy a lot more when your younger, because you go trick or treatin' with your friends around your village and go to town on the dress up, but, you can still get in to it now especially being at Uni. Our Uni especially, loves a bit of fancy dress so Halloween is no excuse. This year I have decided to save my money for other thing and reuse some black pieces in my wardrobe to wear and using the bargain pair of cat ears to distinguish my choice of fancy dress.

So, whatever you go as for Halloween, get into the spirt of Fancy Dress its fun and make sure you get those all important photos. I expect to see Apple Bobbing, Buckets full of witch-like mixes and all the cobwebs on top.

Demi... xo

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