Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I'd starve for shoes, they feed my habit anyway...

Before I begin this article. I will just mention a slight disclaimer that this title does not in any way try to promote starving ones self it is merely just a figure of speech.

That aside I had some time to spare this evening and stumbled across to crazy creation footwear on Net a Porter. If you have a few hundred pounds to spare and have a serious shoe obsession like me you wouldn't be able to resist.

Nicholas Kirkwood Nicholas Kirkwood  front
These bright beauties are by Nicholas Kirkwood and would be a zazzy addition to a simple outfit. However if you don't have £795 lying around, then these are some cheaper heels with a funky twist that you can get your hands on...

New Look delivers as always, in my opinion some of their shoes are flawless especially for the money. Get your hands on a pair of these purple platforms for under £30. Summer is all about the shoes and this summer brights seem to be the way forward.

Enjoy xo.

Rich Purple (Purple) Purple Peep Toe Printed Platforms | 257887054 | New Look

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