Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Mad Hatter Tea Party at The Sanderson

On Tuesday this week I had a fab day planned! My best bud from school, Flo, invited me out for the day to London. Her friends had bought her afternoon tea for two at the Sanderson for her birthday. I was so excited that she asked me, being the foodie that I am. I had a look at photos online and just couldn't wait! The Alice In Wonderland theme looked amazing!

We thought we would make a day of it and started off at Granger & Co in Notting Hill for some brunch as Flo had read about how good it was on The Londoner. We had a nice little walk to the cafe through Notting Hill and contemplated living here and how wonderful it would be. We also theorised as to whether or not our fave blogger (previously mentioned), The Londoner, lived here on not and how whenever we come to London we always hope to bump into her.

After taking a seat outside at Granger & Co I turned my head to the right, peered inside, and thought my eyes must be mistaking me but Rose, The Londoner, was sitting right there! I almost screamed in shock and delight. Flo and I saw her when she left and said how much we love her blog!

Flo's delish hot chocolate

Any HOW. The Food. We both had ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter and bananas. They were absolutely divine and the flavours complemented each other perfectly. However, Granger & Co is definetly not a cheap eat with our big brekkie coming in at £16 with service.

After brunch we headed down Portobello Road for a look at the markets. There was some lovely jewellery and homeware bits I was lusting over for mine and Demi's house! I kept my money in my pocket though.

On to afternoon tea we went after letting our breakfast go down. The Sanderson is pretty inconspicious from the outside but the reception was pretty jazzy and tea was served on the terrace outside with a beautfiul water feature in the centre. We had to smell little pots of tea leaves to decide which flavour we wanted and opted for Apple Pie flavoured tea which came in a themed pot with a crown on top!
Mint Choc Chip, Apple Pie or Rhubarb & Custard Flavoured Teas

I couldn't believe how much food their was! When I have done afternoon tea before I found myself cutting little bits so me and the person I was with could both try things. However, The Sanderson's tea is divided perfectly for two.

My favourite bits were the smoked ham in tomato bread, the raspberry victoria sponge and the 'drink me' passion fruit potion. It was all delicious but they could have done with more savoury things as the tea was very sweet based. The cheesecake could have been left out as after eating it both Flo and I were so full!

I recommend Mad Hatters tea to anyone who is visiting London. It was a great experience and something a little different.

I will be back soon with some posts on my time in Paris!

Till Then

Alex xxxx

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