Sunday, 16 June 2013

ETSY.COM - Etsy Items of the Week #1 is a site with hundreds of cute handmade and vintage items. I love trawling through the different shops for handmade jewellery, stoneware mugs, tea towels, pillows and all sorts of nic-nacs. As well as selling my own stuff on an Etsy shop, GarnishedVarnish, I thought I'd put my obsession to good use. Each Sunday I am going to post my picks of the week from Etsy which will be great inspiration if you are looking for a gift or even a little treat for yourself. I might also include things of the site which is a kinda of Etsy-esque marketplace. I realise this will be quite a good insight into what I am shopping for at the moment! Demi and I are moving into together for our last year of uni so I have been searching for cute items like pillows, throws, mugs and even egg holders...

SO let me begin:

Etsy Items of the Week #1 


I love things in houses that make people look even if they don't like it. These pillows are a bit weird and out-there but they have a quirky charm that I love. I especially love the dog ones. I think the people pillows might creep me out a little too much!


These earrings are a bit different and I always get stuck trying to fill three piercings with earrings that go together. These would also make a cute pressie.

I have a bit of a weirdo obsession with mugs. I am a massive tea addict and I don't know why but stoneware mugs make the tea taste that bit better. This mug has a smaller top which keeps the liquid in it hotter for longer. All round winner!

These earrings are gorgeous and a massive statement. The turquoise stone pops next to the gold. I'm sure they'd make any girl stand out in the crowd!

In my search for some cushions for my new flat I found this little delight. Super chic and cute and £10 is to much of a hefty price tag either!

I hope you've enjoyed and look out for my etsy obsessions next week!

Alex xxxx

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  1. those cushions are a great find x