Saturday, 16 February 2013

My Birthday Wish List!

So it's my birthday in less than a month and, apart from me, the rest of my family hate surprises. This means if I want any presents I have to make a massive list that is circulated amongst everyone with gifts they can choose to get me. I suppose it means everything I get, I like, but I also like surprises. So I thought I would turn my present hunt into a blog post and give other girls some good ideas for their own birthday presents!

At the moment I'm loving little rope bracelets and have yet to get myself one. Urban Outfitters do some like the one below which are pretty inexpensive at £8. I also love this one off Etsy.          
I also really like these sunglasses for £16 which I have tried on several times!

Carrying on with everything UO I saw this bag in one of the London stores over Christmas and fell in love. I have yet to acquire the money to buy it but might ask the grandpadres! 

I wanted a kind of bright but daytime wearable lipstick. I think Craving by MAC is perfect as a toned down raspberry shade.

My friends and family know how much I like painting my nails so I though I had to include a mini nail set on my list. I love this one by Jessica and also this Nails Inc one. Both seem perfect for spring and summer! 

I really want something small to boost the sound of my laptop and my dad actually has one of these. They are definitely worth the money.

If you are stuck for any other ideas this website, , has some really cute gifts that can be personalised.

Hope this has helped if you are just as stuck as me!

Alex xx

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